Best YouTube Channel Ideas

Best YouTube Channel Ideas in 2022

YouTube is a platform with more than billions of users all over the world. If you want to promote your product or utilize your skills to earn money online then YouTube is the best platform to earn money at home. When you decide to make a YouTube channel then the initial and the toughest part of your journey is to filter the best YouTube Channel ideas. All over the world people have different types of YouTube channels and are utilizing their skills and abilities. If you are confused while selecting your YouTube Channel idea from which you can earn money online then we are here to help you. Here is the list of some YouTube Channel ideas for 2022 which can be helpful for new YouTubers to start a YouTube channel which trending and most wanted.

Best YouTube Channel Ideas 2022

1. Unboxing

Before buying anything everyone wants to make sure that they are spending their hard-earned money on the right thing. So, if someone tells you the pros and cons of the product you are going to buy then it makes it easy for you to choose the best. Unboxing videos show people unboxing different types of products and discussing the features of those products.

Unboxing channels also have a wide range. For example:

  • Toys Unboxing
  • Gadget and Latest Teach Product Unboxing
  • New beauty and Makeup Products Unboxing
  • Latest Electronic Product Unboxing
  • Anything Latest or you find different

Unboxing channels have more chances to attract sponsors. Because these channels provide sponsors a chance to introduce their new product to a huge YouTube Channel audience. So, you can earn money online from YouTube from these types of channels.

2. Personal Vlogs

If you are not shy or don’t have an issue showing your face on your YouTube channel then Personal Vlog is the best YouTube Channel idea for 2022.

To make vlogs you just have to record your daily life activities. People are interested in watching what others do in their routine life. For example, if you are a cook or air hostess or a mom who spends her day with kids at home, then you can simply record your whole day routine or any special part of your day. You can give your opinion or share your thoughts on different topics with the whole world through your vlogs.

The majority of actors and actresses have their YouTube Channel and make a vlog to gain publicity and fame. Vlogs can make you famous and can provide you with many new opportunities. Through Vlogs, you can earn money via YouTube Monetization and Sponsors as well. Now-a-day, even kids have their vlogs in which they play with toys and are earning money online.

3. Review

Review Channels are also one of the most trending and demanding channels nowadays. Some people are working on the fusion of unboxing and review channels. But in unboxing, you have to discuss a new product. In the review channel, you have to provide a review of anything you’d like to review.

 You can review TV serials, movies, TV shows, games, products like toys, and many other things like this. Kids have toys review channel and you might not believe 5-6 year kids are earning millions of dollars online through these YouTube channels. The review is one of the most popular YouTube Channel Ideas 2019.

4. Health and fitness

With the advancement of technology, health issues are increasing day by day. Due to this people are interested in knowing health and fitness tips. If you have knowledge of health-related issues or know some fitness exercises or yoga then you can help the world to learn something from you.

 Health and fitness is an evergreen topic and even before going to the doctor, everyone wants to get some info about their health issues online. So, by making health and fitness channels not only you can help others to keep them healthy but you can monetize your YouTube channel and earn money by utilizing your skills.

5. Kids Toys Cartoon Channel

If your kids watch the cartoon on YouTube then you would be familiar with Kids Toys cartoon channel idea. In this, you just have to play with toys as kids do. Tell different stories with kids most favorite toys and get millions of views on YouTube in a very short time period.

Kids Toys Cartoon Channel has one big plus point is you can make videos without voice or with a voice in any language but still can get millions of views. Kids don’t care about the language of cartoons all they care about is what type of toys you use and what you do with them. For example Come Play With Me, FunFun Toys Doll TV, and Toys & Dolls Stories are some channels that create really interesting content which not only engages kids but it can engage adults as well.

6. Cooking

 If you can cook well but don’t have a job then Cooking is the best YouTube channel idea 2020 for you. You can teach how to cook tasty dishes and engage the audience’s attention to gain more watch time and view. Cooking videos are one of those YouTube Channel videos that a person wants to watch again and again.

Utilize your good cooking abilities and earn money on YouTube through YouTube Monetization and Sponsors as well.

7. Tutorials

If you know how to use the software, or if have good knowledge of any demanding subject of the era then you can tutorial videos for your YouTube channel. You can help others learn and in return, you can earn money from YouTube.

In tutorial videos you can following types of tutorial videos:

  • Software and Tools
  • Educational Subjects
  • Use of Tech gadgets
  • Driving
  • Yoga
  • Anything of which you are expert

8. Art and Crafts

Best YouTube Channel Ideas

 Making new things in 2019 is very easy. Just open YouTube and search how-to videos for those then you can see plenty of videos. Many People want to learn artistic skills and are interesting in making crafts but don’t know how to do this. If you have art and crafts making skills then Art and Crafts channel is the best opportunity to earn money on YouTube by utilizing your skills.

Arts and Crafts YouTube channel are among the top best YouTube ideas in 2019. These types of channels can be boosted via social media and can engage the audience for a longer period of time.

9. Gaming

Best YouTube Channel Ideas

If you are a gamer then you can earn money by playing the game and making a YouTube with games play with background commentary, or you can just do a walk-through of a game.

It is one of the most interesting ideas among all the best YouTube Channel ideas 2019 because you can have fun with games and earn money simultaneously.

10. Comedy

Best YouTube Channel Ideas

Entertainment is the top-ranked category on YouTube in 2019. People are interested in watching fun stuff online to kill their spare time. Comedy videos engage the audience for a longer duration and if you produce quality content then it can help you to gain subscribers quickly.

Many famous vloggers on YouTube started their YouTube career with comedy. Once they got their name, fame, and money, they start another YouTube Channel. So, Comedy with quality is guaranteed to get success in days. Comedy YouTube Channel also has tended to gain a boost through social media platforms.

11. Fashion and Beauty

As health and fitness, fashion and beauty is evergreen topic. Every person on this face of the earth wants to look presentable and beautiful. Due to a lack of proper guidance, many people get depressed regarding their looks.

If you are a person with having a keen interest and knowledge of fashion and beauty-related topics then you can show your talent on your Fashion and Beauty YouTube Channel.

12. Animation

Best YouTube Channel Ideas

There are a lot of 2D and 3D animation tools that are designed for non-technical people. By using those tools you can make cool 2D and 3D videos for your YouTube Channel. You just have to write a creative and interesting story and then using animation tools you can create and post stories.

13. How To!

Every person on this face of the earth wants to know “How To” do anything. So, “How To” is a good idea for YouTube Channel 2019. This topic has a wide range you can work on any concept in this type of YouTube channel. It is the Best YouTube channel for those who have a wide but limited range of different skills. You teach the world “How To” do anything you know about.

14. Drawing and sketching

Best YouTube Channel Ideas

Many people have very good drawing and sketching abilities but don’t have the source to cash their skills. For those types of people making a Drawing and sketching YouTube Channel is the best idea for starting a new YouTube Channel.

Many people want to learn drawing and sketching but don’t have the resources to learn. So, these types of channels can prove worthy for both learners and teachers.

15. Motivational and Inspiring videos

With the increasing use of social media platforms and the internet, people spend less time with their families and are becoming a victim of stress and anxiety.

 Motivational and inspiring videos that contain life-changing stories engage the audience and can help you gain more subscribers quickly.

16. Life Hacks

Everyone wants to be smart and is interested in learning smart hacks that can be useful in the daily life routine. If you have a sharp mind and are full of creative ideas then using your creative ideas you can make your YouTube channel.


So, these were the 16 most popular and best YouTube Channel ideas 2022. You can pick any ideas according to your skills. Start working today and earn money online on YouTube.

If you think we have missed any YouTube Channel idea which can be better than the above-mentioned then please comment below and let us know.