guide to start successful YouTube Channel

Guide to start Successful YouTube Channel in 2022

YouTube is the world’s second most visited Website after Google according to the top-visited websites ranking of 2019 and YouTube traffic is still increasing day by day. Internet traffic of videos is increasing very rapidly. So, if you are planning to start your own YouTube channel but are a little bit confused due to a huge number of already running successful YouTube channels then we have advice for you. It’s never too late if you are determined to do something. Viewers are always in search of the latest and updated content. If you have some good or innovative ideas to present your thoughts and your skills then you must create your YouTube now. Here is a guide to starting a successful YouTube Channel in 2020.

If you create a YouTube channel not only you can earn money from your YouTube channel you can also promote your business. With no or very little investment people are earning a handsome sum of money. If you work hard and create quality content for your audience and keep on working consistently then success will be yours.

Before starting a YouTube channel there are some key points which you should keep in mind to make your channel successfully within a very short period of time:

1. Decide what you want from your YouTube Channel

guide to start successful YouTube Channel

When deciding to start a successful YouTube channel, the first and the most important thing is to figure out what you want from the YouTube channel. There are several types and categories of YouTube channels. Some people use YouTube channels to promote their business and products. But others make a YouTube channel to show their skills to the whole world.

So, that’s why it is very important for you to decide your purpose in creating a YouTube channel. You can create a YouTube channel in minutes but if you don’t invest your time in deciding the purpose of that channel before creating that it would be of no use to you in the near future. Take your decision whether you want to promote your product or you want to earn money from the YouTube channel. This initial decision will help you to focus on your target more precisely and work in the right direction.

Many people watch what others are doing and then just start doing the same thing on their channel without utilizing their own ideas. At the start, it is so much fun, and seems an easy task to run the channel in this way. But with the passage of time, these kinds of non-serious channels don’t traffic and are eventually buried under dozen of YouTube channels having quality content. So, think seriously before starting your channel because YouTube is now not just a part-time thing, it’s a full-time job and career for you.

2. Select a specific Theme/Category

guide to start successful YouTube Channel

After you decide whether you want to promote a business or want to create content for YouTube using your skills, the next important decision is to decide the category or theme for your YouTube channel. There are many types of YouTube channels. Selecting a specific Theme or category is important because when you upload a specific type of content than with the passage of time your channel gets a high ranking in that category. If you keep on uploading videos on random themes then it makes your audience confused about the type of content they would on your channel.

All successful YouTube channel is working on a specific theme or category. If someone uploads health and fitness tips videos then all videos are related to that topic. If someone is uploading review videos then all videos would be of that type.

Here is the list of the 16 best YouTube channel ideas to earn money online.

3. Create your YouTube channel

Creating a YouTube channel is not a hard thing to do and you don’t need any type of special technical skills to do so. Below is some point that you have to follow to create your YouTube channel.

  • Create a new Gmail account with the name of your YouTube channel (Preferred) or you can use your existing Gmail account as well
  • Open  and click SIGN IN button
  • After Sign In, click the PROFILE icon button
  • Then click YOUR CHANNEL button
  • YouTube will redirect you to create a YouTube channel page
  • Enter First Name and Last Name for your YouTube Channel and click the CREATE CHANNEL button.
guide to start successful YouTube Channel

Now your YouTube channel is created. After that, there are a few settings that you have to do for your channel.

  1. Add CHANNEL ART banner (Cover Photo), recommended size is 2560 × 1440 and maximum file size of 4MB
  2. Add Profile picture for your channel
  3. Click SETTINGS button and make any change if you require for channel otherwise leave this section as it is
  4. Click ABOUT tab and introductory information of your channel in this section

All DONE! Your YouTube channel for you to upload content and share it with the public.

4. Start creating and Uploading YouTube Videos

guide to start successful YouTube Channel

Once your channel is ready, focus on creating more and more content with maintaining quality.

To upload a video on YouTube Sign In on with Gmail address you have created your channel. Then click the UPLOAD BUTTON available in parallel to the SIGN IN button with the Plus (+) sign on it.

Add a title for your video. The title of your video must be relevant to your video content. Adding the misleading title of your video may lead to your account deactivation after 2-3 warnings.

Add tags and descriptions of your video. Again add relevant data to avoid any type of issue late on.

Finally, click the PUBLISH button and your video is live now.

5. Be consistent in your work

Starting a YouTube channel is not very difficult but to keep your channel active in the cardiac thing in this whole story. Once you start uploading content you have to make sure that you are working on it seriously and with full dedication.

Uploading videos consistently on your YouTube channel is very important for making your channel successful and famous. Make a schedule for uploading videos and try to stick to that schedule.

If you upload videos on a daily basis then make sure to upload at a specific time daily.

If you upload twice a week or once in a week then try to make sure to select a specific day and at a specific time.

Uploading YouTube videos in this way will make your channel active and only for channels chances are high to grow rapidly.

Some people have predicted the best time slots for uploading a video on YouTube but they just have suggestions. These suggestions vary on the basis of your channel type and targeted audience mainly. So, the key point is just to make sure to upload videos consistently.

6. Optimize your videos to get more VIEWS and WATCH TIME

guide to start successful YouTube Channel

Once you create a YouTube channel and start uploading content consistently, the next step is to optimize your view to gain more viewers and watch time as well. When you put your efforts into something then you want to get a reward. On YouTube, a number of views and subscribers are ultimately rewarded for the creator. To increase people reach of your video you must optimize some points mentioned below:

  • Video Thumbnail
  • Title
  • Tags
  • Description

The video thumbnail is the most important thing in attracting an audience towards your video. Try to create a Custom Thumbnail and make it a bit meaningful and attractive and related to your topic. Because misleading thumbnail can lead your channel to warn before deactivation from YouTube.

Always pick related tags and try to use those tags in the video description. Make Video titles different and meaningful which will make the viewer curious.

7. Finally, MONETIZE YouTube Channel

The majority of people nowadays are familiar with Monetization. For those who don’t have any ideas or don’t understand them clearly, we’ll describe them in simple words.

Monetization means running ads breaks in your videos and earning money with ads breaks.

After creating your account of Google AdSense (By Google) you can apply for your YouTube channel monetization.  

According to the YouTube Monetization policy 2019, before applying for monetization you have to meet specific criteria. Your channel needs 1000 Subscribers and 4000 Watch Time in the past 12 months. Once you achieve this target, you can apply for monetization. YouTube reviews your channel content and after completing a successful review ad, breaks will be enabled for your channel. You can earn a handsome amount of money from ads breaks.

Some other ways to earn from YouTube other than AdSense Ad breaks in Sponsors. Once you get to name and fame then the famous brand would like you to advertise their products in your video and they will you in return.

So, this was the complete guide to START a successful YouTube Channel in 2022. Hope you find it useful. If you like this information or want to do some more information then please comment below.