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Best Tips to Boost your Immune System to fight with Corona Virus

With the passage of time, the Corona Virus spreads all over the world. We should take care of our self to fight this dangerous disease. The Human Immune system plays a basic role to prevent diseases and fight with viruses. Our modern lifestyle and hygienic food make the immune system weak. If you want to prevent Coronavirus COVID – 19, you need to follow these best tips to boost Immune System to fight with all types of diseases and viruses.

Healthy and Balanced Diet:

To fight with the corona virus, we need different vitamins, calcium, and nutrients. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Try to avoid frozen food and cook fresh meals at home. Choose food with low fat and high vitamins. Decrease the use of junk food and soft drinks in your daily diet.

Decrease stress:   

Stress and depression decrease the ability of the immune system to fight with diseases. When in the whole world everyone is lockdown due to coronavirus, the level of stress will increase especially in children and older people. In this situation, everyone must use stress management techniques to decrease the depression.  

  • Encourage your family and friends to focus on adopting the coronavirus presentations
  • Engage yourself in healthy activities
  • Read life motivational books

Drink More Water:

Drink plenty of clean water. Add fresh juices in your daily diet plan. Avoid drinking alcohol, because alcohol will affect badly our immune system and make our body less resistant to dangerous diseases.

Exercise Regularly:

When we start work from home and try not to go outside due to COVID-19, our digestive system becomes weaker. If you cannot go to the gym or park for your regular exercise, you can start exercise at home. Regular exercise will keep you active and healthy.

Manage Stress and Anxiety during Corona Virus Outbreak

Avoid Cold Food and Drinks:

Cold food and drinks increase the chances to become the victim of the coronavirus. Avoid drinking chill water and soft drinks. Green tea is the best option to boost your immune system. Drink green tea daily after dinner or lunch.

Healthy Sleep:

With a perfect diet, we need to complete daily sleep hours. Without sufficient sleep, our immune system becomes weak and we can easily become victim of diseases like coronavirus. Try to take at least 30-60 minutes nap in the day time and 8-10 hours nap at night. Sleep hours will increase for children and above 50 people.

Avoid Smoking:

If you are a regular smoker and want to fight with coronavirus, then stop smoking. Due to smoking our lungs become weak and affect the body badly. Any type of smoking increases the chances of spreading coronavirus in people. Leave smoking and adopt a healthy diet plan for a better life. If you think it’s a difficult task to leave smoking, you can take help from doctor for avoiding smoking.

Follow the above healthy tips to boost your immunity and prevent the world from Corona Virus.