Christmas traditions Christmas tree

CHRISTMAS Traditions – history of CHRISTMAS Tree, Gifts, Stocking

Christmas is a religious and cultural festival celebrated on the 25th of December every year throughout the world. Christmas has some specific Traditions associated with it which make Christmas a more exciting and fascinating event. Although every year we follow this beautiful tradition, send Christmas Wishes and best Christmas Quotes to people around us but we don’t know Christmas tree history and where do these traditions come from? Have you ever thought about how these traditions began?

Today we’ll tell you about the origin of the Christmas Traditions which are followed all over the world.

The beautiful Christmas tree has is linked to ancient pagans. Like Christmas Tree, other Christmas Traditions also have an interesting history.

1. Christmas Tree

Christmas tree is the mandatory part of Christmas Traditions and is decorated and lightened up in different styles. But why do we do so? What is Christmas tree history? Why do we decorate the tree on Christmas with different stuff every year at Christmas? We’ll tell you the reason.

Christmas traditions Christmas tree

Many Years Ago, Pagans used to decorate the branches of a tree during winter Solstice to celebrate a Roman event Saturnalia. These people see the Christmas tree as a symbol of life.

According to Christmas tree history, decoration is also linked to old Egypt who filled their houses with green palm to celebrate the recovery of their God ‘Ra’.

In the 16th century, the German popularized the Christmas tree by bringing the Christmas tree to their houses and decorating the trees with red Apples, lights, and nuts. But till that time it was not so popular.

In the mid-1800, Queen Victoria of England married Prince Albert of Germany. In this way, the German Tradition of decorating trees came to England and became popular and people in America also started to follow this tradition. Now people decorate their Christmas tree with different types of ornaments, bells and whatever you like!

Christmas traditions Christmas tree

2. Gifts

On Christmas Gifts are exchanged. But why do we do so? Why especially at Christmas? So, many years ago during the celebration of the Saturnalia festival ancient Rome give gifts to each other as a symbol of peace. When Christianity came to Rome then the gifts exchange became part of the Christmas celebration.

Gift Exchange’s history of Christmas is also associated with the story of a wise man’s gift to Jesus.

There is another story that is linked to this gift exchange tradition, the story of Saint Nicholas on whom the modern-day Santa Clause character is based on.

Christmas traditions Christmas tree

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3. Christmas Stocking

Christmas stocking is a very interesting part of Christmas. Christmas stocking is Sock shaped bag that is hung to get it filled with gifts from the Santa Clause. But why do we hang a sock-shaped bag not anything else?

If we go back to History in the time of Saint Nicholas we can know about the reason. Saint Nicholas was a priest famous for his generous behavior, giving gifts and fulfilling the wishes of poor people silently. Once Saint Nicholas came to know about a poor needy father of three daughters who don’t have money for their daughter’s dowry and that’s why his daughter was not married yet. Saint Nicholas decided to help them without letting them know. So, he dropped a bag of gold from the Chimney which landed into the socks of the poor man’s daughter hung near the chimney. With that money, they had enough money to get married.

Christmas traditions Christmas tree

So, Christmas stocking is hung to receive gifts from Santa Clause whenever he arrives at your home silently.

4. Santa Clause

Santa Clause is the most iconic figure related to Christmas. Kids wait for Santa Clause on Christmas Eve and love to get a gift from Santa. But who is Santa? Is Santa a fictional character or real?

Many years ago in the 300s, there was a Saint named Saint Nicholas? He was Famous for his Kind and Generous Nature. Once tried to help a poor family but the family refused to make money. On the night he threw money through the chimney so, when they got up in the morning saw money there but didn’t know where it came from. The concept of Santa Clause visiting home silently and leaving gifts also originated from this.

Another major character related to Santa Clause History is Sinterklaas mentioned in Dutch Stories. According to stories, Sinterklaas came from Spain and kids hope to get gifts from him. When the Dutch came to America and bought Sinterklaas with them. In America, SinterKlass became the ‘Santa Clause’. In the 1800’s Clement Clarke Moore wrote the poem ‘Twas the Night before Christmas’. This poem gave a physical description of Santa Clause. In 1860, an artist Thomas Nast drew the picture of Santa Clause based on the physical description given in ‘Twas the Night before Christmas’. That picture was modified with the passage of time through the advertisers and painters. In 1931 Coca Cola used Red and White Santa in their Ad and left this image of Santa in the hearts of millions of people. So, this was the story of Today’s Jolly Santa Clause with the long white beard and red white costume.

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