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Earth Day 2020 Theme, Date, History and Interesting Facts

Earth Day is celebrated internationally every year to spread awareness about the issue Earth is facing due to the negligence of Human Beings. It’s very important to take some necessary measures to save Earth’s planet from increasing dangers like pollution and many others. Let’s dig in to know about the details of the Earth Day 2020 theme and Earth Day 2020 Date.

earth day 2020 theme

Earth 2020 Date

Earth Day is celebrated on 22nd April. Earth Day 2020 will be 50th Earth Day.

Earth Day 2020 Theme

Earth Day 2020 theme is Climate Change. Climate of Earth is changing drastically but not in a positive way. Climate Change is a tough challenge for Earth and it’s a danger for Human beings. But if we fight against it, then we could be able to save Earth from some vicious outcome in the future.

On 50th Earth Day, the issue of Climate Change will be raised and all countries of the world will do some collective efforts to fight this global issue. At the end of 2020, if we want to improve the climate of Earth then timely preventive measures can definitely help.

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History and Facts about Earth Day

-> Earth Day celebration started in 1970.

-> With the start of the Earth Day celebration, some important laws were made regarding Earth’s climate and atmosphere all over the world.

-> The Main focus of Earth Day was to pay attention to issues of clean water, clean air and timely acts for endangered species.

-> Each year theme of Earth Day is chosen based on the most important issue regarding the climate of the whole Earth.

-> Different events are hosted worldwide on Earth Day to spread awareness about challenges Earth Planet is facing.

-> With the celebration of Earth Day, many issues related to pollution and endangered species have been discussed and some solutions are practiced.

Earth Day has cardinal importance in dealing with issues Earth Planet is facing. This day helps to spread awareness about the crisis which is currently extremely important to deal with. Let’s celebrate Earth Day together and fight the issue which should be figured out for a better future of Earth.