foods that boost immunity

10 Foods that boost your Immunity to fight with Coronavirus

Change your diet plan, if you want to boost your Immunity to fight with diseases. Must eat foods that boost your Immunity and prevent you from Corona Virus. Avoid drinking soft drinks and ice creams to prevent flu and throat infections. Eat foods that contain all necessary vitamins and nutrients to support the immune system.

These foods can help you to maintain your health and boost your immunity during coronavirus pandemic.


foods that boost immunity

Must eat fresh yogurt daily. Yogurt is a big source of vitamin D, which helps to improve the immune system. If you don’t like the plain yogurt, you can add honey, fruits or sugar and convert it into the more delicious flavor.

Green Tea

foods that boost immunity

Swap the soft drinks with green tea. Green tea contains antioxidants and enhances the immune function of the human body. Green tea improves our digestive system and increases the immunity. Add lemon in green tea and drink 1 cup of green tea after lunch or dinner.


Green fresh vegetables are best to gain a huge amounts of vitamins and calcium. Broccoli is full of necessary vitamins, minerals, and calcium. Cook broccoli with a minimum amount of spices and enjoy the healthiest vegetable.  

Garlic and Ginger

foods that boost immunity

Garlic and Ginger help to prevent from throat infection and increase the immunity. Ginger tea helps to cure nausea. Use garlic and ginger in a daily diet. You can use it in fast food, sweets, and other traditional foods.

Citrus Fruits

Eat a massive amount of fresh fruits daily to obtain the vitamins and calcium. Lemon and orange are the best sources of acid to fight with infections and maintain health.


Kiwi is full of all necessary minerals, vitamins, and nutrients. It contains Vitamin C, which helps to fight with infection and prevent all types of viruses. Add it in your diet plan and take benefit from this natural source of nutrients.

Almonds and Nuts

foods that boost immunity

Nuts are a big source of obtaining vitamins and help to prevent cold. Almonds provide all the necessary nutrients to boost immunity and improve health. Eat half a cup of almonds daily to improve your health.

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Chicken Soup

Chicken soup increases the immunity and prevent from diseases like cough, flu and throat infection. Make it part of the daily diet plan and improve health. Add fresh vegetables in the soup and increase the intake of vitamins.

Dark Chocolates

Chocolates are the favorite sweet of people of all ages. Dark chocolate contains antioxidants, which help to prevent the human body from diseases and boost the immune system. Chocolates have a high value of fats and calories and can become the reason to increase the weight. Must eat chocolates in reasonable quantities to obtain its benefits.    

Red Pepper

foods that boost immunity

Red pepper is a big source of vitamins. Use it to cook your daily meal. Red pepper contains the beta carotene, which helps to increase immunity to fight with viruses and prevent coronavirus.

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