Thanksgiving traditions and history

Thanksgiving Traditions and History – Facts about Thanksgiving

If you know the real Thanksgiving traditions and history, you will love to celebrate this event every year. Thanksgiving Day is also known as “First Thanksgiving”. This event celebrated in the United States and Canada. Thanksgiving Day 2020 will be celebrated in Canada on Monday, November 26 and will be celebrated in the United States and in other countries on Thursday, November 28. According to the Thanksgiving traditions and history, the main reason behind this event is to celebrate the harvest and other blessings of the previous years. 

History of Thanksgiving Day

The real Thanksgiving traditions and history told us by historians, in 1620 a boat with a group of more than 100 people sailed to the Atlantic Ocean and start their life in a new place. In their new world, the first winter season was very difficult to adjust due to the deficiency of fresh crops. Wampanoag Indians help them to grow different crops for obtaining fresh food and taught them different tricks for fishing and hunting. Later on, Plymouth colonists start to celebrate the “first thanksgiving day” for those fresh foods.

Thanksgiving traditions and history

Thanksgiving celebrations start in 1621 when Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Indians celebrate the event and shared harvest feast. Pilgrims also known as Plymouth Settlers, celebrate the event for thanking for the previous successful growing season. At that time, when food supplies were not sufficient in England in winter, the American Indian tribe share the food with them.

According to the Thanksgiving traditions and history, the Thanksgiving event started as a religious observance for giving thanks to God for all good things. The wild Turkey bird had hunted since 1621 and become a special meal of that event. In 1817, the United State start to celebrate the official thanksgiving holiday and adopt turkey as its official dish of that event.

Traditions in Canada

Thanksgiving traditions and history

Thanksgiving Day in Canada is also known as Canadian Thanksgiving, its celebrations start in Canada since 1879. In this event, Churches and homes are decorated with wheat sheaves, corns, pumpkins, and other harvests.

People arrange the parties for their family and friends and severe dishes like roasted turkey, mashed and sweet potatoes and many other vegetable dishes. Deserts and baked dishes are also the main part of this event. You can wish your family and friends with interesting Thanksgiving day Quotes, sayings and wishes.

Traditions in the United State

Thanksgiving traditions and history

With the passage of time, the tradition of Thanksgiving Day change. Now, all celebrations are based on cooking and sharing of different meals with family and friends. In America, most people eat roasted turkey on this special day. People arrange free dinners for others and offer foods with drinks. Parades on Thanksgiving Day are very famous in all cities and towns of the United State.