How to Prevent Childhood Obesity

How to Get Kids to Eat More Vegetables & Fruits

If your kids are not like to eat fruits and vegetables then they cannot get enough vitamins, calcium, and anti-oxides, those are necessary for growing up with a strong body and mind. Vegetables and fruits give us energy and water.

A healthy diet without fresh fruits and vegetables is not complete. The anti-oxidants and fiber in vegetables prevent kids from diseases later in life. Its the responsibility of parents to help kids to develop healthy eating habits. Kids always prefer to eat Junk Food instead of fruits and vegetables, but Junk Food does not have enough calcium and vitamins for children’s growth. Every mom wants to know how to get kids to eat more vegetables and fruits. Here, is a list of tricks parents can use to get their kids to eat more fruits and vegetables instead of unhealthy Junk Food.

How to Get Kids to Eat More Vegetables?

Trick1: Get your kids to involve in cooking vegetables

How to Get Kids to Eat More Vegetables

If you involve your kids in cooking and gardening, that habit will increase their interest in eating vegetables. When kids see the process of growing and cooking vegetables, psychologically this process will make vegetables the most favorite ingredient of their daily diet.

You can help kids by allowing them to:

  • Choose their favorite vegetable for making a dish in lunch
  • Place vegetables in a sandwich, burger, or on pizza.
  • Put vegetables in a saucepan
  • Wash vegetables and arrange them for cutting 

Trick2: Set an example

Children do what they observe in their surroundings. Children learn food habits from their parents, set an example by eating fruits and vegetables in front of kids. In this way, kids will start to eat vegetables with more excitement. You can arrange family dinner and make dishes with a vegetable like soups, Chinese dishes, pasta and different type of salads. With this type of activity, children would love to eat vegetables.

Trick3: Try different vegetables with different Recipes

Vegetables have amazing flavors and by making their dishes in a different form we can make vegetables more delicious. You can make vegetable sandwiches, burgers, fruits salad and french-fries for kids. Try to hide vegetables in a kid’s favorite dishes and give them the challenge to identify different flavors. These types of fun activities will encourage children to eat fruits and vegetables.

Trick4: Make vegetable Snacks

Kids love to eat snacks, so, the best trick is to make vegetable Snacks and give to kids for breakfast and lunch. For adding more flavor in vegetables served with fries and fresh fruit juices.

Trick5: Appreciate your kids before and after eating Vegetables

How to Get Kids to Eat More Vegetables

Encourage kids for eating vegetables and give them different offers as you will go out with them or you will watch a movie with them on the weekend. This typse of deals will help you to makings your Children’s eating habits better.

Trick6: Go with kids for shopping of Vegetables

Take your kids with you for shopping for fresh fruits and vegetables. Introduce kids with different types of vegetables and their beautiful colors. Never buy junk food and chocolates, when you go shopping for vegetables. In this way, kids will show their interest in eating vegetables and fruits.

Trick7: Give the option to kids to choose

Allow kids to select a vegetable of their choice and make yummy food by using different recipes. Children will take more interest in vegetables when they have the option to select one. You can cut fruits and vegetables in different shapes and involve kids for cooking vegetables.

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Trick8: Never Label children

Kids are very sensitive, never label them with the bad word if they are not ready to eat a vegetable. Due to labeling kids will feel bad and never ready to change their habits. Try to convince children with love and encourage them to eat fruits and vegetables.  

Trick9: Peer Vegetables with Children’s favorite Food

This trick works very quickly. You can peer vegetables with the favorite food of kids. Kids love to eat fast food, so, the best way is to make fast food by using vegetables and chicken at home. Make delicious juices of fresh fruits. Add the chocolate sauce with fruits and vegetables. All these tricks will help you to get your kids to eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.

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