How to get job in Dubai

How to get Job in Dubai from Pakistan: 5 Simple Steps

As a foreigner getting your dream job in Dubai is not easy. Dubai is becoming one of the top destinations for Events and Businesses. Getting a job in the UAE is more difficult than getting a driving license in the UAE. When you plan to find a job in Dubai, you will hear a different type of news like, ‘hiring season is off’, ‘competition is very high for job seekers in Dubai’, ‘employers will offer you a job with less salary for your skills’, ‘ Weather in Dubai is very hot in summer’. In Pakistan, many people want to know how to get a job in Dubai from Pakistan.

How to get job in Dubai

If you are serious about finding the best job in your dream city, just focus on your target and follow the below steps and start your career in the best city in the world.

How to get job in Dubai from Pakistan?

Step1: Make a professional Resume & Portfolio

          The first step of getting a job is to make a professional resume, which highlights your skills and experience. The resume gives the first impression about you to employers. Keep your resume precise and written only about your best projects. You can get help from Professional Resume Making Companies. Give the link of your portfolio or personal website in your CV. In this way, an employer can easily check your past work. Must attach a perfect cover letter with your resume. The cover letter will show your level of interest in a job and help to make you prominent in hundreds of job applicants.

Make your professional LinkedIn account and connect to top companies. Stay up-to-date with ongoing and upcoming trends in the industry of UAE. Rules are changing very rapidly and if you are not aware of new rules, you can never get a place in the international job industry.

Step2: Register on Online Job Portal Sites

how to get job in dubai from pakistan

If you are out of UAE and want to get a job before moving there, then the best option is online job Portal Sites. Register your resume on best online job portal Sites and regularly apply on jobs relevant to your skills. You can find here “Top Job Portal Sites for getting a job in Dubai, UAE”. On these sites, top employers upload latest jobs and check job applications on a daily basis. Apply only on those jobs, related to your field of work and check the reviews of the companies. In this way chances of getting a job will increase. Many companies post jobs only on their official web sites, so register your resume on top companies’ sites and check weekly for the latest jobs. 

After applying on multiple jobs, these sites provide the service of getting to know about the status of your Job Applications.

Step3: Contact with registered Recruiting Companies

The second best way of finding a job in Dubai is to contact registered Recruiting companies in your country or in the UAE. Try to escape from illegal recruiting companies, these companies charge a fee and you will never get a job.

Rely only on registered recruiting companies. Government of UAE has given these companies a License for supplying the Man Power to UAE.  Be polite with the recruiter and always give them your accurate data for searching for a job. Recruiting Agencies in countries like India, Pakistan, Korea, Sri Lanka and Philippine are manually hiring the employees. In the UK and USA, most companies hiring for managerial positions.

  Step4: Attend job Fairs UAE 

how to get job in dubai from pakistan

If you are in UAE, you must attend the job fairs. These Job Fairs will help you to know about the ongoing job trends in the industry. You get to know about what kind of skills are on-demand and change your resume according to the requirements of employers. Many recruiting agencies are arranging the job fairs for helping both the employees and employers. Job fairs are free for job seekers, so never pay any fee for attending a job fair.

If you are out of the UAE and cannot go to attend a job Fair. Don’t worry, you can attend an online job fair and take advantage of the great events. Register on sites of recruiting agencies and come online when job fair start.

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Step5: Stay up-to-date with new Rules and Regulations of UAE

Rules and Regulations are changing with the passage of time. If someone is planning to move to UAE then stay up-to-date with ongoing and upcoming rules of the country. UAE is a crime-free county and rules are very strict, especially for foreigners. Finding and doing a job in Dubai is not like walking in a beautiful park. Always follow the rules of UAE and never forget to read the newspaper for getting familiar with trends in the country.

Follow all these steps, your chances of getting your dream in Dubai will increase to 100%. But during this process never lose hope and try your best for getting to the target.