how to avoid diabetes naturally

How to Reduce Diabetes Naturally at Home

Everyone is worry about Diabetes, especially if it runs in your family. The main cause of sugar is Glucose, which gives energy to the human body. Glucose depends on the hormone “insulin” and the body of the patients with diabetes cannot produce enough insulin. With the passage of time, more people develop diabetes. But if you want, you can try ways to prevent Diabetes to keep your family away from Diabetes. Many people want to know how to reduce diabetes naturally at home.

By following some simple ways you can fight with Diabetes. According to recent research, this disease depends on our lifestyle and eating habits. Must follow the below tips and decrease the chances of the development of diabetes.

How to Reduce Diabetes Naturally at Home

Eat Healthy Food:

If you mostly eat fast food and don’t like to eat vegetables and fruits, then change your diet plan and move to healthy food. Eat fish instead of chicken, fresh green vegetables, fat-free dairy and eat fresh seasonal fruits. Avoid oily food, because the overuse of oil will increase your blood pressure and high B.P is one of the main reasons for Diabetes. Eat yogurt in your breakfast or Lunch. Use Butter and cheese in a minimum amount in the daily diet, these type of foods increases the cholesterol level. By eating healthy food you can fight with diabetes and enjoy to eat sweets in your whole life.

Control your Weight:

How to Reduce Diabetes Naturally at Home

Measure regularly your weight and check it against average required weight according to your age and height. By losing only 4 to 6 percent of body weight, the blood pressure level and glucose level come at a normal stage. Diabetes risk increase by 80% with increasing body weight. If you are at the first stage of Diabetes, by losing weight the chances of moving to type 2 Diabetes will decrease.

Limit to Eat Sugary Food:

Most people love to eat Sweets, cakes and other sugary foods, but the maximum intake of sugary food increases the risk of becoming the victim of Diabetes. Excessive use of sugar in our daily diet has negative effects on the liver and increases obesity. Obesity is another main cause of Diabetes, try to balance your weight according to your age. Never add too much sugar in tea, coffee or in juices. According to research women can take 6 teaspoons and men can take 8 teaspoons of sugar in one day. Always read the labels of foods and drinks before purchasing them, in this way you can know about the amount of sugar in a food or drink. 

Regularly check Blood Pressure:

High blood pressure increases the risk of becoming a victim of diabetes. Most people with type 2 diabetes have a high blood pressure problem. If you want to control diabetes try to keep B.P to below 130 over 80.

Exercise Regularly:

Exercise helps to prevent every disease. Physical activities are necessary for remaining physically active. Diabetes can be control by doing exercise regularly. Morning walk is a good option for better health. Blood sugar level becomes more stable after doing push-ups or weight lifting.

Stop Smoking:

Due to smoking, the body starts to make more resistance to insulin and as a result, increases the level of blood sugar. If you are a smoker and Diabetes is your family problem, then you can easily develop this disease in your body. Smoking can also become the reason for many other diseases like:

•       Blood pressure problem

•       Kidney and heart diseases

•       Eye diseases that can lead to blindness

•       Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.

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Decrease Alcohol Intake:

How to Reduce Diabetes Naturally at Home

Excessive use of alcohol causing diabetes in the human body. Diabetes is one of the main side effects of heavy drinking of alcohol. Reduce your alcohol intake and decrease the risk of becoming a victim of Diabetes. Try to drink green tea without sugar, instead of other drinks. Green tea helps to lose weight and control your sugar level.

Go for Regular Check-ups:

If Diabetes is your family problem then you must go for regular check-ups and try these ways to prevent Diabetes. Sometimes we are not able to understand the common symptoms of this disease. Try to check your sugar level at least after one month.

We hope the above tips will answer your question “How to Reduce Diabetes Naturally at Home”.

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