How to decrease your child’s Gadget addiction

How to Reduce Mobile Addiction in Child in 2020

If your children spend most of their free time with Gadgets, then they need your extra attention. If we look 20 years back, the use of Mobiles and the internet was 80% less as compared to now. We must prevent our next generation from addiction to Gadgets. All parents want to know how to reduce mobile addiction in a child. Here we have some tips about How to decrease your child’s Gadget addiction.

How to Reduce Mobile addiction in Child

Parents can help their Children to minimize Gadget’s Use in a number of ways:

Spend time with children in Play Grounds

With the passage of time Mobile Phones, Tablets and Television take the place of playgrounds. Children spend less time in healthy activities like playing games with their friends in parks and taking part in different Sports in School. For better Physical and Mental health of kids, it’s necessary to play games in PlayGround instead of Mobile Phones. Parents must spend some quality time with kids playing games at Parks and Grounds and take care of their diet as well.

Set the Best Example

How to Reduce Mobile Addiction in Child

Parents are role models for their children. Children will do, what they see. It’s the responsibility of parents to leave mobile phones, tablets, and laptops for some hours and spend time with children.  Teach the kids about the use of Gadgets at a suitable time and place.

Make a Schedule for Use of Gadgets

Gadgets become part of our lives. We can’t remove them from our lives. Parents must make a schedule for children to use Gadgets at the right time. Allow Children to use Mobile Phones only on the weekend and watch television for 1 hour daily.

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Arrange Fun Activities

How to Reduce Mobile Addiction in Child

Organize fun activities for children in the house and out of the house. Parents can bake their children’s favorite cake with them.  Plan a picking party on the weekend and prove to kids, how to spend quality without the use of Gadgets. Appreciate your kids to take part in sports and other activates like reading storybooks, painting, drawing, and gardening. 

Install Child’s Age Appropriate App

Parents must download age-appropriate apps on the Child’s Gadgets. Don’t allow children to make social media accounts before the appropriate age. Social media waste a lot of time and their all content are not suitable for children.

So, these are some tips to decrease your child’s Gadget addiction. If you want to add something in it, comment below and let us know!

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