Lahore Ramadan Timing 2022

Lahore Ramadan Timing 2022, Roza Calendar

Find the accurate Lahore Roza timing during Ramadan 2022 for both Fiqa Hanafi and Fiqa Jafria. Right Lahore Ramadan calendar 2022 for Sehri and Iftari is very important for its citizens. If you are planning to spend your complete Ramadan in Lahore and want to follow the right Lahore Roza timing 2022, then you come to the right place. Here, we have shared the complete schedule of Lahore Ramadan calendar 2022 for sehri and Iftar, follow it and adjust your work and prayer timings.

Lahore Ramadan Timing Calendar 2022

RamadanDate 2022Sehri (Sunni)Iftar (Sunni)Sehri (Shia)Iftar (Shia)
102 April4:28 am6:24 pm04:18 am06:34 pm
203 April4:27 am6:24 pm04:17 am06:34 pm
304 April4:25 am6:25 pm04:15 am06:35 pm
405 April4:24 am6:26 pm04:14 am06:36 pm
506 April4:22 am6:26 pm04:12 am06:36 pm
607 April4:21 am6:27 pm04:11 am06:37 pm
708 April4:20 am6:28 pm04:10 am06:38 pm
809 April4:18 am6:28 pm04:08 am06:38 pm
910 April4:17 am6:29 pm04:07 am06:39 pm
1011 April4:16 am6:30 pm04:06 am06:40 pm
1112 April4:14 am6:30 pm04:04 am06:40 pm
1213 April4:13 am6:31 pm04:03 am06:41 pm
1314 April4:11 am6:32 pm04:01 am06:42 pm
1415 April4:10 am6:32 pm04:00 am06:42 pm
1516 April4:09 am6:33 pm03:59 am06:43 pm
1617 April4:07 am6:34 pm03:57 am06:44 pm
1718 April4:06 am6:34 pm03:56 am06:44 pm
1819 April4:05 am6:35 pm03:55 am06:45 pm
1920 April4:03 am6:36 pm03:53 am06:46 pm
2021 April4:02 am6:36 pm03:52 am06:46 pm
2122 April4:01 am6:37 pm03:51 am06:47 pm
2223 April3:59 am6:38 pm03:49 am06:48 pm
2324 April3:58 am6:38 pm03:48 am06:48 pm
2425 April3:57 am6:39 pm03:47 am06:49 pm
2526 April3:55 am6:40 pm03:45 am06:50 pm
2627 April3:54 am6:40 pm03:44 am06:50 pm
2728 April3:53 am6:41 pm03:43 am06:51 pm
2829 April3:52 am6:42 pm03:42 am06:52 pm
2930 April3:50 am6:42 pm03:40 am06:52 pm
3001 May3:49 am6:43 pm03:39 am06:53 pm

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