nelson mandela day 2020 theme

Nelson Mandela Day 2020 Theme and Date – How to celebrate Mandela Day

Every Year Mandela Day is celebrated to pay tribute to great South African leader Nelson Mandela. Carinal purpose of this day is to spread positive messages about the worth of human lives and overcome the issue of hunger and poverty. Every year Nelson Mandela Day has some different theme and different kinds of issues are highlighted. Here we have complete details about Nelson Mandela Day 2020 Theme, Date. If you want to know how to celebrate Mandela Day then dig in to get some ideas.

Neslon Mandela Day 2020 Date

Nelson Mandela Day 2020 is on Saturday 18th July 2020. Every Year Nelson Mandela Day is celebrated on the same date.

Neslon Mandela Day 2020 Theme

The theme of Nelson Mandela Day 2020 is to highlight the issues of Food, Shelter, Education, and Sanitation. Here are some objective related to these themes:

Provide equal quality education to all kids.

Eradicate Hunger and provide food in the proper amount to fulfill the nutrition deficiency of kids.

Provide shelter to all homeless people.

Encourage people to participate in campaigns to reduce hunger and basic needs issues.

How to celebrate Mandela Day!

Mandela Day is not only celebrated in Africa but it’s celebrated worldwide. Here we have some ideas to celebrate Mandela Day:

Clean You’re Surrounding

Cleanliness is the most important factor to keep you healthy. We should not only clean our home but we must also care about the surrounding. Because until we clean our neighbor we can’t live a happy and healthy. Participate in cleanliness activities and clean your home, neighborhood, and spread awareness about the importance of cleanliness.

Feed Hungry People around You

nelson Mandela day 2020 theme

Hunger is a cause of the death of many people in the underdeveloped part of the world. Feed hungry people and spread messages of Nelson Mandela in the whole world. Impact of taking care of hungry people can have in building a society.  

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Donate Clothes and Food to Needy

 Make Donations to needy people in our society. We must take care of needy people around and donate some stuff. These donations can be a simple thing for donating but have huge worth for needy people.

Spread Awareness about Malnutrition issues in Kids

Malnutrition is a major issue in some underdeveloped countries of the world. This issue needs to be discussed and immediate action is required to be taken. Many kids are victims of Malnutrition and it effect badly the youth as well. So, on Nelson Mandela Day 2020 spread some awareness about these cardinal issues and participate in the well-being of humanity.