Strategies for Success – Motivational Story for Success

This Motivational story for success will help you to focus on your life target. You just need to take the First step to the journey of success, then no one can prevent you to reach your destination. If you want to achieve your dreams in life you need to leave your comfort zone and get inspiration from Motivational story for success.

Once upon a time an automobile company created a tyre. The company announced a reward of $50,000 for the person who will buy and find any fault in the tyre. When tyre came into the market, people rushed to buy it. People thought there is no loss in buying the tyre but a chance of winning $50,000.

After a few days, the company received many complaints regarding their tyre. Company filtered all complaints, only 20% of complaints were able to consider. Hence the company organized a seminar and invited all filtered complainers. The company provided them with free accommodation and conveyance. In seminar, everyone gave their opinion. After a long discussion, one person was considered eligible and was rewarded.

After a few months, the company created a new tyre. The price of the new tyre was twice the first tyre. When they advertised the price of the new tyre was more than the previous one.

The company created the first type only based on their own opinion. But for the second one, they took opinions from the general public as well. People thought the second tyre is better than the first one because it’s created the base on the opinion and ideas of tyre users.

These days, everyone is connected to each other and their success is as well. In your journey, the opinions of others are very important. You can only become successful if you have participated in other’s success journey. To become successful you must provide benefits to others. This world base on giving and take rule, those who follow this rule they become successful and others are just left with their complaints.