birthday wishes for bestie

Unique Birthday wishes for Bestie for making the big day more special

A birthday is a special event for everyone. Birthday of best friend is a perfect day to express your care and love by sending him/her unique Birthday wishes. You should choose the best Birthday Wishes for your Bestie to making their big day more special.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

“Love you a lot and can’t wait to eat yummy cake of your birthday! Thanks for being such a great friend”

birthday wishes for bestie

“We both are such a great team. I am good-looking and intelligent and you are great at being my friend! Happy Birthday my Best Friend”

birthday wishes for bestie

“You are very lucky to have a wise friend like me. Please receive birthday wishes from the most gorgeous person in the town! Happy Birthday

“Happy Birthday! I have shocking news for you, You look older now as compare to your previous birthday and you can do nothing with it”

birthday wishes for bestie

“Happy Birthday my Dear Friend! I am very happy because your pockets are going to be empty today and you will give me the best party of the year”

“Happy Birthday! Please don’t buy new dress, shoes or makeup for your birthday, save money for giving best birthday party to your friends”

birthday wishes for bestie

“My dear friend count your blessings, not your years! Age is not a big deal…to me! I am still young! Happy Birthday”

“Today, avoid to see in any mirror if you don’t want to see an old lady! Happy Birthday Gorgeous”

“Happy Birthday, Another year has gone but it doesn’t mean that you have become more intelligent”

birthday wishes for bestie

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Birthday Wishes for Best Friend Female

“Your simple smile has brings a lot of happiness in my life and a simple hug has wiped my tears. I am very lucky to have such a nice friend! Happy Birthday”

Happy Birthday to the cutest girl of the Town! Enjoy your Birthday and make your life brighter”

“Happy Birthday to most gorgeous personality, you always look amazing on every special occasion and I appreciate you for that”

“I feel proud to have a best friend like you, you support me when I was at my worst and when I was my best! Happy Birthday Dear”

“I will be with you for celebrating every special event of your life, so don’t try to eat your Birthday’ cake without me! Happy Birthday”

“I hope your birthday is as sweet as Cake and your future is as bright as Sun in day and Stars in Night! Happy Birthday my Best Friend”

“May your life with bright colors of Happiness and Success! Happy Birthday and Have a nice day”

birthday wishes for bestie

30+ Best Happy Birthday wishes for everyone

“Wishing you a day filled with sweet cake, bright candles, best presents, and red roses! Happy Birthday gorgeous Lady”

“Don’t ever change because you are best the way you are! Happy Birthday”

“You are such a kind, gorgeous and fabulous person, I am very lucky to have a person like you! Happy Birthday my great friend”

Birthday Wishes for Best Friend Male

I am very thankful for all the fun times, we had together in the previous year! Happy Birthday to my best buddy”

birthday wishes for bestie

“A friend like you is more precious than a diamond. Your birthday gives me a chance to express my love and care for you! Happy Birthday”

“I am looking forward to many more years of friendships and birthdays with you! Happy Birthday”

“I hope you have a lot of fun on your birthday and have a prosperous year to come! Happy Birthday”

“I am very lucky to have a best friend like you. I always appreciate the memories that we have together! Happy Birthday my Best Friend”

“I love to spend time with you and share every special moment with you. You are the person who exactly knows what I am thinking! Happy Birthday Dear”

“Happy birthday my best friend! May this year all your dreams will come true and you receive all the happiness of the world that you deserve”

birthday wishes for bestie

“You are a big inspiration for me. You are the main source of pleasure in my life, you are best! Happy Birthday and enjoy your special day”

 “I feel proud to have a best friend for like. I wish our friendship stays forever! Happy Birthday my Best Friend”

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