world environment day 2020 theme

World Environment Day 2020 Theme, Date, History and Facts

The environment is an important factor to improve and maintain the survival of all living species on the earth. But unfortunately, with the advancement in technology, factors that are disturbing our environment are often neglected. Every Year World Environment Day is celebrated to raise awareness about the issues that our environment is facing. Each Year World Environment Day has different themes to raise some different issues. Here we have complete details of the World Environment Day 2020 theme. So, let’s dig in to know more about World Environment Day 2020 Theme, Date, History, and some important facts.

World Environment Day 2020 Date

Word Environment Day 2020 is on 5th June 2020. Environment day 2020 would be celebrated in Columbia. Each Year Environment Day is celebrated on the same date.

World Environment Day 2020 Theme

The theme for World Environment Day 2020 is “Biodiversity”. The value and needs of different species present on earth would be discussed. Biodiversity plays a cardinal role in the survival of life on planet earth. It’s the base of everything that human societies are in need of.

world environment day 2020 theme

Each and every living organism that is part of this ecosystem has a specific role and is essential to maintain a balance. All species are interlinked and necessary for each other’s survival. So, on this World Environment Day, focus on the need of all species in each other’s survival and ways to save some endangered species for extinct will be discussed.

The theme of World Environment Day 2019 was Air pollution. Air Pollution has raised to a dangerous level in some parts of the world and ozone layer depletion is also a problematic thing. In 2020, due to Coronavirus Pandemic, the majority of countries of the world are locked down and people are staying at home. Due to this, the Ozone layer is healing automatically day by day.

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World Environment Day History

First World Environment Day was celebrated in 1974. Issues like Air Pollution, Marine Pollution, and Human Growth and Wildlife crimes are discussed on this day. Awareness about the factors affecting our environment is discussed on this day. It’s celebrated by the United Nations Environment program is hosted in different countries every year. More than 143 centuries of the world celebrated World Environment Day.