world population day 2020 theme

World Population Day 2020 Theme, Date, History

World Population Day is celebrated every year all over the world to aware people about problems link with the global population. This day gives us an opportunity to play our role to increase awareness among people about human rights, kid’s health, family planning, and women’s rights. Let’s dig in to know about World Population Day 2020 Theme, date and History. 

World Population Day History

11 July was the day when the global population reached 2 billion. In 1987, the United Nation recognized the problem related to the population. UN Council decided to celebrate the World Population to highlight the issues related to the rapid growth of the world population.

world population day 2020 theme

World Population Day 2020 Date

World Population Day is celebrated annually on the 11th of July. A specific World Population Day Theme is followed to increase awareness related to the increasing population of the world. 2020 is a year of crisis due to the Corona Virus disease.

World Population Day 2020 Theme

According to the UN Council, the World Population Day 2020 focus is on the “Sustainable Development 2030 agenda is the world’s blueprint for a better future for all on a healthy planet.” According to this theme, we should focus on finding the solution to problems related to gender equality, human rights, kid’s health, and family planning.

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Every year, the UN Council selected a unique and effective theme to celebrate World Population Day. All over the world, people follow that theme and play their role to aware the people about the disadvantages of the increase of the world population.

On World Population Day different activities are organized to aware of the people about problems of the population.